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Stay Safe. Stay Armed. Stay Trained 


The Armed Citizen Institute provides practical training that instills sustainable, safe, and legal practices for carrying and deploying a concealed firearm using both traditional range/seminar forums and online resources for 24/7 access.


The average Police Response time to a shooting across the US is between 3 and 10 minutes.

That means in a crisis where SECONDS count, the police are MINUTES away.

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Live group and private training courses

Our coaches are not only recognized leaders in firearms, but are known as world class instructors.  The current list of courses we provide include Utah Concealed firearms permits, NRA basic pistol/rifle/shotgun/home safety courses, concealed firearm application training (both live fire and scenario based), and home defense course for pistol, rifle and shotgun. 



Online digital training library

ACI members have 24/7 hour access to the most up to date training methods and drills, legal updates, and court decisions regarding firearm ownership. We seek out the top instructors in their field to author our courses. Finally, a vetted and trustworthy resource for quality advice, reviews, and demonstrations.